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Commercial Projects

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors features sophisticated and customized designs for residential & commercial spaces, always making sure that Macie adds her professional touch & personal taste in every project.

Bosu Neko

One of the farthest restaurants I have accepted but the journey to be part of making this 1st joint venture by this young couple was worth the 4+ hours trip over to Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Oftentimes when I am hired by millennials they already have a zillion bright ideas on deck. They really just need my expertise in planning the space and executing even half of what they’ve already envisioned and pegged for. This is true for this awesome couple, Trish and Jc. We had loads of fun picking the most economical materials all the way to choosing the right color plates to break for the DIY accent wall mural. The journey was definitely loads of fun!


Victorina’s is situated in Bravo Hotel Tanuan, Batangas. This restaurant was a tribute to the owner’s grandparents. A unique and heartwarming rags to riches story. The hardworking and resilient kutsero (driver of horse-drawn vehicle; coachman) grandfather married Dra Victorina.

This modern Filipino restaurant had kutsero hats uniquely positioned throughout the space symbolizing the humble beginning of the owner’s grandparents. Materials used were modern and hip complimenting its Modern Filipino cuisine. I enjoyed working on the owner’s ideals and submitting to the demands of the kitchen consultant. Indeed the sum of each part produced a greater whole. Every detail within the space illustrated the owner’s appreciation of his roots.

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Gypsy Baguio

A restaurant project that was mostly designed and deliberated via messenger with the most resilient chef I know. Each space was filled and built from a delightful combination of design Pinterest pegs, Baguio (North side) local craft finds & materials that are within the low budget. The added molding and texture on top of the plain muted wall did the trick.

I’ve always loved working with Chef Waya Wijangco who simply agrees to my design ideas as long as its within the given funds. She has full faith that the outcome will be stunning and perfect.

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Cucina di Francesco

Disenyo Lorenzo marries brand image and owners’ personality in space and interior design. Every area is functional and defines a character. For our restaurant, the interior design set the mood of the food we offer and blended this with our own character that made the space personal and comfortable.

Candid, unguarded and fun conversations with Macie makes the designer-client relationship memorable. This makes Macie’s service and Disenyo Lorenzo incomparable. – Cucina De Francesco