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Residential Projects

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors features sophisticated and customized designs for residential & commercial spaces, always making sure that Macie adds her professional touch & personal taste in every project.

Santos Residence

I really love what I do, the making of something old to new is really where you look into the concept and consider all aspects then put it together with your love & expertise. 


A Scandinavian-themed total townhouse makeover. The whole process was very smooth and one of the easiest (not the shortest though due to the pandemic) projects as all the designs came to life without any hitches or qualms. Every single detail executed as drawn and every proposal agreed to with no second thoughts. I truly enjoyed working with these hands-on, decisive and appreciative clients and with an equally meticulous and hardworking PM / interior fit-out contractor.

Singian Residence

Brief background: 2008 I was hired by this couple (my sister’s close bench mates) to help renovate their humble home in Singapore. They were my go-to family in SG. I had to design the needed built-in pieces and renovate some parts of their condo. 11 years later, I was again hired to help design pieces in their newly purchased home here in the Philippines. And of course help furnish the space according to each occupant’s wants and needs. 1 year after and through this crazy pandemic lock down, I am so delighted to have finally finished this project. I admit I thought it would be a breeze but I have learned to never underestimate the problems that you encounter in a finished house. In hindsight, we were fortunate to have gone through all those hiccups before handover. All in God’s perfect timing that they are now happily settled in, with more storage space and each room designed to their ideals. Not fully furnished and accessorized just yet but all the primary necessities intact. Grateful to have had this opportunity to use new materials to custom make furniture and build those little cozy nooks.
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Uy Condo Residence

Homes are meant to be a collaboration, they are meant to involve the personality and lifestyle of those people living within the space. This modern farmhouse concept home is a reflection of this family. Each intimate nook used in various different ways is very appropriate for this close-knit family.

Developing the palette of materials from scratch was challenging but truly rewarding. It’s the coming together of all these elements that creates a delight of living. The materials make you feel happy, warm, and entices and helps you live your everyday life with delight. The whole process was very smooth because of the owners belief and trust in the process and the trust in DLI.

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Uy Townhouse Residence

I think the best compliment someone can give you when you deliver something amazing is to… Come back! This is fully true for this client. It felt like an incredibly repeated collaborative process. We had the same ingredients to really work through this process again in a considered way. For this bigger home the eating and cooking are very apparent in this living space. The custom mural art spread throughout the home was a neat expression of the personalities of the home owners.

When a builder, client and designer have this happy balance working together on this common goal, you naturally get something extraordinary.

Aimee Fuentes Residence

Had the best heartfelt compliment from this project: “My bedroom feels like a hotel room” – Sabin Fuentes.

Having spent a few years in SG on hospitality design and now translating that learning to the residences I work on, is always my objective. Delighted that I was able to accomplish this for this kids bedroom renovation.

Sunshine Puey Residence

There’s many authors that build houses. This revamp project was created to enrich and personalize the space to suit the current lovely occupants. As an independent single mom myself it was quite a breeze to work with Sunshine. We pegged out design ideals easily, worked on an agreed layout plan and scheduled the right time for executions to fit her work from home situation.

The whole process was very smooth because of the owner’s belief and trust in me and the vision she already has for herself with the kids. It’s the coming together of all these elements that creates a delight of living and rebuilding of a new home.

Jay Singian Residence

Every project whether it’s an alternative or rendition or a new build has all the time the intricacies and challenges that you’ve got to overcome. This was my first project that allowed me to expose the electrical lines due to the building’s rules. The expressive finishes made the space glamorous.