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About Disenyo Lorenzo

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors is an interior design consultancy based in Manila, Philippines and is founded by Macie Lorenzo.

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors features sophisticated and customized designs for residential & commercial spaces, always making sure that Macie adds her professional touch & personal taste in every project.

Having been exposed to travelling in Asia, her design theory has been influenced by a wide variety of cultures, values and experiences. It is because of this exposure to such a mixture that she places emphasis on the importance of explicit design, precision to detail and supreme execution through project completion.
IDr. Macie Lorenzo​

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors holds high standards of professionalism to make sure that all clients are served exquisitely.

Kind words from Clients
Candid, unguarded and fun conversations with Macie makes the designer-client relationship memorable. This makes Macie's service and Disenyo Lorenzo incomparable.
What we appreciated most was how we felt stress free during the construction. She was very hands on and made sure all problems were addressed. She discusses with the foreman, the electrician, plumber, carpenter, and all other labor workers to make sure that the work does not deviate from the plans she made.
Thank you Macie for capturing our ideas and translating it in such a beautiful and functional way. Very professional, We hope to have many more projects together.
Enjoyed working with Macie. She is very professional and detail oriented. She understands clients needs and executes it to a T. Will definitely work with her again!
Ease of working with her from start to finish. Trustworthy and seamless work. You will end up with things you didn't even know you needed and truly “eases” your living. I am now enjoying my home immensely (a blessing during lockdown). Thank you for everything Macie!
We are so grateful to have had IDR Macie of Disenyo Lorenzo as our partner in designing our new home. She brought our vision to life and did so much more, going the extra mile and patiently guiding us through the challenge of creating our dream home during the pandemic.
It was a delight working with Macie from the beginning of the project until the end. Every process and decision making was smooth, not to mention fun! She definitely exceeded all my expectations and I love how extra hands on she was with the finishing of the project. She truly is a professional designer one can trust to deliver and more.
When we first discussed with Macie about what general design or motif we wanted, she threw in some ideas for us to consider. With those in mind, we collectively were able to come up with exactly how we imagined it in our minds. Macie’s hands on approach and attention to detail made us happy we got Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors.
I am always happy when working with efficient and professional people, and working with Macie Lorenzo was a wonderful experience. Macie anticipates your needs and gives great advice, yet she also listens well and ensures your vision is realized. I look forward to working with Disenyo Lorenzo again in the future.
Our Portfolio

Disenyo Lorenzo Interiors features sophisticated and customized designs for residential and commercial spaces

Disenyo Lorenzo Shop

Art and Design was never made for the few. Disenyo Lorenzo interior pieces are made to express the inclusivity missing in our world today.

Made for any home, these pieces are crafted and sourced with full faith in the often overlooked skill of our less fortunate artisans.

It is Disenyo Lorenzo’s advocacy to inspire those who have less in life by refocusing and restoring the true meaning of art in their craft and products.